Certified Fairtrade Edition

Belizean Blue Silver is a 100% column-distilled rum, handcrafted in Belize using Fairtrade-certified sugarcane molasses.

This unique, sustainably produced Fairtrade white rum is the perfect base for creating delicious cocktails.

Versatile and accessible, Belizean Blue Silver has a sweet yet subtle flavour profile with hints of coconut and vanilla.

Enjoy the authentic Belizean rum experience!

Belizean Blue Silver is distilled & blended by Travellers Liquors Ltd, a family-owned company based in Belize.

Belizean Blue Silver is a Fairtrade certified white rum that comes in a sustainable Frugalpac bottle.
Made from 94% recycled paperboard, the bottle has a food grade pouch liner.

70cl - 40% abv
Product of Belize


Travellers Liquors Ltd. is Fairtrade Certified – as is the entire sugar industry in Belize.

In addition to their bottle reuse and recycling initiatives, they have also built a wastewater treatment plant at the distillery and are exploring options for transporting vinasse to serve as fertiliser.

The Frugal Bottle is made from 94% recycled paperboard with a food grade pouch. It's five times lighter than glass, its carbon footprint is six times lower and this unique package offers 360-degree branding for exceptional shelf stand-out. 

Unique Frugalpac features: 

  • 94% recyclable paperboard
  • Five times lighter than a normal glass bottle
  • Carbon footprint up to six times lower than a glass bottle
  • Up to 77% less plastic than a plastic bottle