World's End Rum Dark Spiced 

World’s End Dark Spiced Rum is a Smooth blend of 3 to 5 year barrel aged Caribbean Rums, spiced and finished to perfection with a unique blend of fruit and spices, creating a spiced Rum displaying a wide spectrum of complex & perfectly balanced flavours and character.

It displays a wide variety of spices and fruits, leaving a complex flavour in the mouth with notes of Mango, Banana, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Dark Chocolate & Coffee with a smooth sweet complex finish.


Gold Medal winner Rum and Ginger Beer IWSC London 2017
Gold Trophy winner Rum and Ginger Beer IWSC London 2017
Silver Medal winner Judges Score IWSC London 2017
Silver Medal winner Packaging IWSC London 2017
Gold Medal Winner Madrid Rum Fest 2017
Gold Medal Winner German Rum Fest 2016

40% ABV
Available in 70cl Bottles
Caribbean Rum of Trinidad & Barbados



World's End Old Fashioned

World's Dark Spiced Rum 60ml

Chocolate Bitters 3 dashes
Orange Zest

Take an Old Fashioned Glass and fill it with the ingredients, then with ice.
Stir with a bar spoon until the desired dilution and chill has been acheived.
Spray with the orange zest and garnish glass with it.

Worlds End Old Fashioned